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Giantway was established in 1997. Since then, we have been delivering the best solutions in sanding line offering a wide range of sanding machines. Our machines are designed to improve your productivity and reduce manufacturing costs, always taking into consideration the respect for the environment. Giantway's headquarters covers over 20,000sqm, located in QINGDAO CITY, CHINA - an outstanding location for exporting our products worldwide. We are considered as the ideal partner for planning, developing and manufacturing the machinery involved in most important projects by many customers. For this task, we employ extraordinary staff and gain experience. At present, we are able to meet the individual demands of any customer, always using our own processes, technology and ""Know-How"". In our facilities in Qingdao, we have more than 15 engineers in the technical department, 200 mechanicians in the production section and 20 technicians in the service department.

  • 25+

    Years sanding machine manufacturer experience

  • 1200

    Sets sanding machines per year

  • 100+

    Invention patent related to sanding machine

  • 50+

    Cooperates with 50 domestic and 40 overseas distributors

  • 200+

    Total employees

  • 1000+

    Serviced 1000+ furniture factories




Giantway company founded

Giantway company founded


China first lacquer sander

China first lacquer sander


Giantway exported machines to Europe

Giantway exported machines to Europe


China first brush sander

China first brush sander


Planer sander

Planer sander


Launched top and bottom sander

Launched top and bottom sander


Upgrade brush sander

Upgrade brush sander


Sanding center

Sanding center


Launched segmented pad sander

Launched segmented pad sander


Upgrade top and bottom sander

Upgrade top and bottom sander






  • Q1
    What is a good wide belt sander?

    A good wide belt sander should have below characteristics?

    ◆ High precision, a good sander has to do a good calibrating job, after sanding, the thickness tolerance maximum is 0.1mm.

    ◆ Making good surface, a perfect belt sander has to produce a good surface, no sanding marks left on the whole surface.

    ◆ Easy to run and maintenance, a wonderful machine should be easy to operate and no difficulty for maintenance.

    ◆ Working stability and low repair rate, a good wide belt sander has to be a stabilized equipment, with very low repair rate, and guarantee the customers’ production no stop.

    ◆ Long life, an excellent machine need have a long life, Giantway has some machines have been working for more than 20 years.

  • Q2
    What kind of sanding machine I need to buy?

    ◆ This depends on your product and production capacity. A small work shop maybe need one sanding machine only.

    ◆ For big factories and big production capacity, you need to buy many machines for calibrating job and fine sanding job, you also need to buy lacquer sanders for the sealer sanding job.

    ◆ For big stock removal job, such as jointed panels, bamboo panels, you need to buy the planer sander.

    ◆ For carving boards or pattern boards, you need to buy Giantway brush sanders. 

  • Q3
    Are you a trade company or manufacturer?

    We are a professional sanding machine manufacturer since 1997, before 2005, we are called Qingdao JCH Woodworking Machinery Co., Ltd.. We have 15000 square meters workshop in Qingdao, China, and 200 staffs. We can make more than 1000 sets sanding machine per year, and export 40% to worldwide. 

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