SGJ700R-RPA Wide belt sander-Qingdao Giantway

Feb 10th, 2017

Hello, friends. We are Giantway, sanding machine manufacturer, sanding solution supplier. Today, I bring you a 700mm sanding machine, SGJ700R-RPA. This machine is specially designed for small working pieces sanding, such as cabinet parts, table legs, sofa frames and and so on.

This machine is configured with two working units. The first working unit is a steel calibrating roller, diameter 190mm, complete with oscillating system, safety system and dust collecting system. Steel roller is mainly for rough sanding, we usually assemble grit 80 abrasive belt on this working unit. And this steel roller is assembled eccentric shaft, the operator can adjust the sanding roller position by turning the eccentric shaft through this worm gear box, it is simple and stable.

The 3rd working unit is a combination head, outfitted a rubber roller and a sanding pad. The rubber roller diameter is 210mm and hardness shore 55. The sanding pad beam is with dovetail design, easy to pull out or push in. The operator can turn this hand wheel to adjust the sanding pad position up or down.

The tension roller diameter 156 mm, tension cylinder size 63*56 mm, this is heavy duty design, to ensure the tension stability and belt oscillation smooth. The belts oscillation is controlled by Banner sensors, which are made in USA, can work perfectly even in a dusty environment.

This is the brushing unit of the equipment, its function is to clean the panels after sanding.

The feed table is welded with steel plate and steel tubes, the plate thickness is 16mm, the steel tubes are densely supported on the bottom side of the plate. The plate surface is fine machined on cnc machining center to achieve mirror finishing. This working table combined with the rubber conveyor belt can carry the working pieces through the machine with high precision and high stability.