How to choose a suitable sanding machine for your products?

Dec 9th, 2022

We need to consider the three basic factors. 

First, the size of our working pieces, especially we need to know the maximum and minimum size of the working pieces. The working width of the belt sander must be bigger than the maximum width of the working pieces, such as the maximum width of the working pieces is 1.2meters, then we have to choose the sander with 1.3 meters working width. 

Second, the stock removal of the sanding job. For example, my working pieces thickness is not uniform, and the surface is rough, we need to remove 1mm or more at one pass, we should choose a planer sander for this job. If the panel surface has been processed, and we need fine sanding only, then our double- belt sander maybe be ok for you. 

Third, the current working process of the working pieces are on. We need to know the machines are used on material preparation section, or assemble section or painting section? If it is on the painting section for primer sanding, it must be the choice of lacquer sander. The above is the most basic factor in choosing a sander. Of course, according to the production requirement of different customers, the factory will recommend most suitable machine configuration according to the actual situation.