SGJ series wide belt sander for calibrating

Dec 13th, 2022

We are Giantway, sanding machine manufacturer, sanding solution supplier.  Today I bring you our SGJ series wide belt sander, this series machine is our popular type for 25 years. Until today, this series machine continue to flourish due to dozens of technology upgrades. The machine square shape outlook is classic.  In front of the machine is the control panel, the start and stop button is with light indicator. Your start the working unit, the indicator light will be on and to remind the working state of the equipment for your safety attention. This thickness controller is made in Taiwan  and brand teck, can do accurate measurement with stable quality and longer service life. The feed table is welded with steel plate, the surface is fine machined to achieve mirror effect, combined with the rubber conveyor belt can hold the workpieces with high precision and high stability.  

I'm sure the inside working units are going to impress you. Open the door, we can see 3 working units, two sanding roller heads and one combination head.  The two sanding rollers are with eccentric shafts and diameter 240mm, the operator can micro adjust the sanding roller position by rotating the eccentric shaft, it is simple and stable. The roller inner side and outer side are both processed by cnc milling machine, the performence of dynamic test is perfect. The combination head outfitted a rubber roller and a sanding pad, the rubber roller diameter is 210 mm, and the sanding pad is with dovetail design, easy to pull out or push in.  The belt tension beam is welded with manganese steel, which is usually used on engineering machinery.  Tension cylinder size 90*50, is definitely a heavy duty design on the the same level of equipment. To guarantee the smooth swing of the tension roller. 

 The press system adopts double press roller structure, the diameter of the press roller is 70mm, to hold the working pieces firmly on the conveyor belt, the press holder is cast steel, and the design is reasonable, easy to adjust.  

The out feed end of the machine is also wonderful, this is a combination of inverter motor and helical gear reducer. The output torque is not affected by the speed, and the continuous and stable power output is also an important factor of sanding accuracy.  This is the brushing unit of the equipment, there is another press roller under the brushing cover for smooth out feeding.