SGJ series Wide belt sander- Qingdao Giantway

Feb 15th, 2023

Hello, friends. We are Giantway, sanding machine manufacturer, sanding solution supplier. I am Mr Ren, the sales manager for international business.

Today, I would like to do an overview of our wide belt sander SGJ series. Since 1997, we started to build this type machine, it has been 25 years. So this machine has been well recognized as a most popular type for wood calibrating and sanding.

This machine is configured with two working units. The first working unit is a steel roller, complete with tension system, oscillating system and safety system; the second working unit is a combination head, outfitted a rubber roller and a platen for finishing sanding, also complete with tension system, oscillating system and safety system as well.


In the machine front, this is a control panel, you can easily turn on or off every working unit here, also there is an amperage meter for each main motor, we should pay attention to the electric current amperage when running, can not over load the machine. These two buttons are for lifting or lowering the feeding table, this also can be done easily on this micro thickness controller. This button for start and stop the feeding, the variable feeding speed is available by rotating this knob.