The Planer Roller of Knife Planer Sander- Qingdao Giantway

Feb 22nd, 2023

There are two types of planer rollers in the knife planer sanders. One is the STANDARD TYPE and the other is the HEAVY DUTY TYPE .


The STANDARD TYPE roller, mathing the square planer blades. The size of the standard planer blades is 15x15x2.5mm, and their original country is Germany.

The HEAVY DUTY TYPE roller, mathing the rectangle planer blades. The size of the heavy duty planer blades is 30x12x2.5mm, and their original country also is Germany.


Both of the two types rollers are used on sanding rough surface boards and glued boards such as jointed panel boards, block boards and so on. The only difference is the remove amount by the heavy duty type is more than the standars type.