YHS1100Z+X+W+W Brush Sanding Machine- Qingdao Gianway

Feb 27th, 2023

We loaded the Brush Sanding Machine.


Our Europe Agent some weeks ago ordered 3 sets of Brush Sanding Machine, model: YHS1100Z+X+W+W. The machines are ready now , and are loaded this week.


The Brush Sanding Machine is the latest innovation in sanding technology, featuring cross brush rollers, sanding discs and longitudinal brush rollers. This configuration makes this sander a ideal finishing solution for doors, cabinets, shutters, face frames and other furnitures. Giantway brush sanding machine can do both white wood sanding or lacquer sanding by using different abrasive strips.

 Giantway brush sanding machine is to help remove wood fibers from sanding the product, to help break sharp edges on product to prevent white lining, to help blend in or make uniform staining, to help blend in cross grain scratch, sanding imperfection & handling marks.