Giantway Combination Sander-Sanding Machine Manufacturer

Mar 13th, 2023

Today, we would like to do an overview of our combination sander. This machine is mainly used for sanding and polishing on cabinets, wooden doors and other uneven wooden parts.


This combination sander is configured with four working units. The first working unit is a rubber roller complete with tension system, oscillating system, safety system and dust collecting system. The roller diameter is 320mm, and the rubber hardness is shore 26. Variable rotating speed is available, due to the main motor is controlled by inverter. This working unit is for the sanding job on veneer board or sealer surface.


The 2nd working unit is nearly same with the 1st working unit, but the rubber hardness is shore 22.


The 3rd working unit is the brush head, outfitted with two longitudinal brushes complete with dust collecting system, when running, the longitudinal brushes rotating and oscillating. You can adjust the working head up or down through these two buttons. The rotating speed and oscillating frequency are controlled by inverters. This working unit is mainly for polishing job on the raised panels.


The 4the working unit is same structure with the 3rd working unit.


In front of the machine, there is a movable control panel with a touch screen, we can turn on or off each working unit, and set the desired rpm for the working unit.