700mm Top and Bottom Planer Sanding Line-Qingdao Giantway

Mar 17th, 2023

 I would like to do an overview of our upgraded planer sander . Planer sander is a woodworking equipment for cutting and sanding, which is good for heavy calibration of glued panels, solid wood panels or bamboo panels where we are needing to remove over 2 mm of material and finishing sanding at grit 180 in a single pass.  


This planer sander is with fixed working table, it means the pass line is constant and all the working units move up or down. This design is for production line, usually speaking, this machine will connect with one bottom planer sander. This kind of planer sander production line can definitely increase the production efficiency.  


This planer sander is configured with three working units. The first working unit is a planer knife head, which is mainly for cutting and can remove 2mm once time. We can stop and lift this planer head easily through the touch screen, so that you can use the sanding heads only. Before the planer head, is the safety device and press system including the anti kick back fingers, segmented press shoes and double press rollers. The segmented press shoes are for giving even pressure to working pieces cross the machine. After the planer head and before the 2nd head, we assemble a pieces of solid press shoe to control the part so that we see no sniping or dipping on the leading or trailing edge of the panels.  


The 2nd working unit is a steel calibrating roller complete with pneumatic up or down system, oscillating system, safety system and dust collecting system. This knob is for adjusting the pressure of the tension , and this wheel is for manually adjust the roller position. This needle indicates the roller position is on lower position or upper position. This automatic up or down system is for avoiding over sanding on the panel edge position.

The 3rd working unit is a combination head, outfitted a rubber roller and a sanding pad. The rubber sanding roller is also with automatic lifting system and manually adjusting system. This meter is to show the sanding pad position, rotating it can adjust the sanding pad up or down.

Behind the machine is the cleaning system, there is a cleaning brush inside the cover, its function is to clean the panels after sanding.

The control panel is a touch screen, you can turn on or off every working unit and set desired feeding speed on this icon interface.