Qingdao Giantway-GSM Series Segmented Pad Sander

Jun 14th, 2023

Hello guys, we are giantway, sanding machine manufacturer, sanding solution supplier. Today, I would like to introduce our electromagnetic piano sander to you. When I say piano sander it does not mean this machine is for sanding the musical instrument piano, it means the action of segmented sanding pads are like the piano keys which can dance up and down, this is why we call it piano sander.

Electromagnetic piano sander is special designed for making high gloss panels, high class veneer surfaces, also is good for sanding job on wpc panels, plywood panels, high class wooden doors, cabinets or other costly furniture.  

GSM series sander is with constant passline, the working table is fixed, is suitable for production line. The working units move up or down. The lifting system is with ball screws, lift precisely and no vibration, the lifting tolerance is within 0.02mm.

Modular production is on the GSM series sander, the customers can choose the different modular according to their need. Modular production give the customers variable sanding applications and sanding functions.  

Re the working unit, we have cross belt working unit, Cross sanding is a world recognized sanding way to achieve best sanding finishing. Cross sanding means the sanding direction is crosswise to the grain direction, this way, the higher areas and harder areas of the annual rings are leveled and loosened fibres are sheared off, and no loosed fibres straight up again after lacquering. The cross belt must be equipped with inner chervon beltbecause the sanding contact surface is large when it is working, the segmented inner chervon belt can reduce the contact time and extract the dust in time.