Qingdao Giantway-QSG650R-RPA Wide belt sander

Jun 7th, 2023

Hello, friends. We are Giantway, sanding machine manufacturer, sanding solution supplier. Weve been in sanding line since 1997. I am Mr Ren, the sales manager for international business.


Today, we would like to do an overview of our wide belt sander QSG650R-RA . Q series wide belt sander is a precision sanding machine, it has been well recognized as a most popular type for high precision sanding.


The machine frame is welded by steel tube, which gives good stability for the machine running. And this machine is configured with two working units. The first working unit is a steel roller, mainly for calibrating. complete with tension system, oscillating system and safety system and dust collecting system;  the second working unit is a rubber roller, roller hardness is shore 70. The working Structure is nearly same with the first working unit.  These two rollers are both with eccentric shaft, which can be used to micro adjust the roller position. We assemble size 2200mm abrasive belt on each working unit, the longer belt is good for belt cooling and sanding finishing. We also assemble air jet blowers to clean the abrasive belts  to extend belt life.


Before and after every working unit, is our Triple rollers press system.  this structure to hold the working pieces on the conveyor belt, especially friend for short pieces feeding.


Open our Electric cabinet, you can see the electric parts are with international brands, such as ABB, Schneider, Delta, etc.


In the machine front, this is a control panel, you can easily run or off every working unit on this touch screen, You also can preset your request program through it.  These two buttons are for lifting or lowering the feeding table, and this is Emergency stop button for safety.


Behind the machine, it is the cleaning system. There is a cleaning brush inisde this cover for cleaning the working pieces after sanding.