Giantway sanding machine manufacturer-SGJ1300R-RB lacquer sander

May 25th, 2023

Hello, guys, we are Giantway, sanding machine manufacturer, sanding solution supplier. Today, Id like to do an overview of our SGJ1300R-RB lacquer sander.

This machine is designed for base lacquer sanding or primer sanding on panels, due to lacquer sander is usually put into painting line, so we design the machine with floating working head and fixed table to give a constant passline.

This machine is configured with two working units. The first working unit is a rubber roller, complete with tension system, oscillating system, safety system and dust collecting system. The rubber roller diameter is 320mm, and rubber hardness is shore 26. The roller is with eccentric shaft, the operator can turn this knob to adjust the sanding roller to go up or down. The abrasive belt size is 2620 * 1330mm, and the belt is with variable speed due to inverter control. And the belt oscillation is controlled by photo eye and air cylinder.

Here is the tension switch and tension air pressure adjustment.

The second working unit is nearly same with the first one, but the sanding roller rubber hardness is shore 22.

In front and back of each working unit is the press system, we use diameter 70mm press roller combined 40mm press roller to hold the working pieces feeding, this kind of design is friend for short pieces sanding.

Behind the machine is the cleaning system, we assemble one cleaning brush and rotary blowers to clean the panels after sanding. And on the bottom position, we assemble the other cleaning brush to clean the conveyor belt to avoid secondary pollution.

In the machine front, we use a touch screen to control the machine working. We can turn on or off each working units here, we also can set up the desired rotating speed, feeding speed and working pieces thickness on this same screen.