Giantway sanding machines-welding job and heat treatment

May 6th, 2023

Hello everyone, today I will show you the welding job of Giantway sanding machine. What we see in front of us is sander machine frame.  The frame is made of steel tubes which are cut by laser machine and welded by robot. The machine frame is heavy duty design, and the welding is beautiful and firm. More importantly, after the welding is completed, Giantway conducts heat-treatment on the whole frame to remove welding stress and increase rigidity.

Let's see the machine frame color carefully. The surface of the steel has been annealed and has shown red color. These changes cannot be found on the finished sander. But it can guarantee that our sanding machines will not be deformed and maintain high precision during long-term use. Giantway presents high-quality machines and pays more attention to the interior. We pursue our belief in high quality. If you want to know more about sanding machines, please contact Giantway.